Alfa Romeo 75 Brake Calipers

Services and Prices

Single Piston Calipers (some 75s have single piston calipers)

Twin Piston Calipers (most 75’s have twin piston calipers)

Up to 4 Year Warranty

High-end Painting Upgrade Available

Fast Turnaround

UK Company

Express Piston Un-Seize & Repair Service

4 hour turnaround, 3 month warranty.  Only recommended where ultra-fast turnaround is required. Complete dismantle, deep clean and rebuild, no shot-blasting or new coating.

Full Brake Caliper Refurbishment

2 to 3 day turnaround, 2 year warranty.  This is a complete remanufacture of the caliper, using the existing cast, fully shotblasted and finished in a basic protective coating.

Get a 3 Year Function Warranty

We can powder coat your brake calipers in either Red, Yellow, Silver or Black and we’ll upgrade the function warranty due to the extra protection powder coat gives the cast of the caliper. This is a great finish for non-performance or non-prestige cars where a high standard of aesthetics is the rule would need the high-end paint finish as described below.

Get a 4 Year Function and Paint Finish Warranty

The powder coat for brake calipers described above is a great cost effective upgrade, but we can’t deliver high-end results with this.  Once the refurbishment is complete, our experienced automotive painter can apply our high-end Brake Caliper Paint. The results are phenominal and can be seen on our facebook, twitter and instagram profiles.  We are known internationally because of the high-end paint service we deliver.  Find out more about our Brake Caliper Painting Serivce.

The sheer quality of this paint gives the cast of the caliper the ultimate in protection from the elements, wheel acid, brake dust and general abrasive weathering. As a result, we provide a 4 year function and paint finish warranty when you combine a complete refurbishment with our high-end painting service.

Not Your Car? See other Alfa Romeo brake calipers, call us on 01159 722 668 OR, just take our word for  it that we can work on any caliper of any car from anywhere in the world.

Alfa Romeo 75 Brake Calipers

Alfa 75 Brake Caliper Refurbishment

Simply go to the booking page now OR find your caliper above. Booking your calipers into our workshop couldn’t be easier and only takes 2 minutes.  No need to pay on-line, that is done over the phone when your calipers enter our work flow.

Alfa Romeo 75 Brake Caliper Repairs.

Whether your Alfa Romeo 75 calipers just need a check over, a full refurbishment or you have seized pistons that you would like us to replace, we can help you out.  We give up to 3 year warranties on both the smooth operation of your calipers AND the cosmetic finish of the caliper.

Rebuilding Alfa Romeo 75 Brake Calipers

We are the primary specialists in our field with years of experience behind us and much more caliper re-manufacturing ahead of us.  Send your brake calipers to us for a rebuild and we can have them back to you in next to no time at all. 2 Year caliper function warranty as standard or 3 year when combined with our high-end painting upgrade.

We can refurbish brake calipers on all Alfa Romeo 75 models

1986 to 1992, 1.6, 1.8, 2.0 Twinspark, 2.5 V6, 3.0 V6, Turbo Diesel