The Best Alloy Wheel Refurbishment in the UK

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So why do we think we’re the best? We have this thing called Richard’s Triangle of Quality that guides us and reminds us all that there is one key ingredient to succeeding in being the best, but it begins with something else.

That probably sounds a bit cryptic, but you’ll get the point in just a moment.
Richards Triangle of Quality consists of three things:

  1. Experience, Skills & Know-how
  2. Equipment
  3. Intent

Did You Know We Painted and Refurbished Brake Calipers Too?

Landed on Here Without A Wheel Refurb Price?

Experience, Skill & Know-How
You could have the best kit in the world (much like us) and the desire to do a perfect job, but going to the extreme end of this point, you’ll probably make a right hash of something if you have never done it before.

We have staff with vast experience in preparation, application of wet-paint & powder coat and finishing. Our quality is not limited by our staff at all, we’re as good as it gets.

Imagine a mechanic having to do an engine rebuild with tools made from pewter, the poor chap (or lady) isn’t going to do very well. While that is of course a little extreme, it can give you an idea on how to scale the ability to achieve quality using poor and good tools.

We have spent over £300,000 on equipment alone. We could have bought a £25k diamond cutting lathe, but decided on an incredible set-up with live tooling for custom cutting at almost £130k.

We could have kept the air delivery system from our old building and carried on as we were, which was better than OK. But we have a zero parts per million, ISO standard oil, water and particulate free air delivery system. This will go a long way to deliver the purest paint finishes and incredible levels of gloss.

The Intent
Now imagine a painter that has the experience of a thousand painters and all the best kit in the world to support his craft. But his heart isn’t in the job and he just wants to get the job done asap and go home. This depressed chap ins’t going to turn out the best work and he won’t achieve quality.

At BCS, the intent comes from the top (hence why we’ve spent so much money on the equipment), but we do everything we can to make sure the staff who have hands-on your wheels/calipers have the intent too.
Our staff like to show off to their families about the work they do, but with over 31k followers on social media, they have probably already seen it.

We only employ staff with the right mindset. Working at BCS isn’t just a job or a means to an end, they do it because they are as obsessed with quality as the owner Richard is.

Richards Guide To Choosing The Right Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Company

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