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Alloy wheel refurbishment prices that might cost more, but is the best value for money in the alloy wheel painting business.

Standard colours, Chrome, Hydro-Graphics, Candy’s, Diamond Cutting

Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Pricing Nottingham
In business since 2009, BCS have delivered the best brake caliper refurbishment services in the world. But we started out in life as a wheel refurbishment company, but ceased the wheels services due to not being able to offer the quality we wanted alongside the huge demand on resources for brake calipers refurbishment. So in 2012, we decided to ignore the extra profit wheels made and concentrate on quality in a niche that was very un-tapped, brake calipers.

But with a brand new facility opening in Feb 2018, wheels are back for BCS. And we plan to make a hell of a splash too.

The owner has invested £250,000 into the following

  • USA made diamond cutting CNC – Haas ST30Y (not cheap Chinese kit that can damage your wheels)
  • The latest in powder coating application and baking tech
  • And because the job doesn’t end at applying the shiny stuff, The best diagnostic wheel balancing machines on earth
  • Largest showroom for a wheel refurbishment company in the UK. So you get to see before you buy
  • Latest vapour blasting equipment
  • The fastest alloy wheel paint stripping chemicals on earth, so we can spend more time on forcing quality into our work
  • Incredible staff room to keep our staff happy, comfortable and motivated
  • The best compressor and clean air supply money can buy with 0ppm filtration for the best possible finish
  • Indestructible SILVER PLATING tech for the most incredible chrome finishes