Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Nottingham

While our aim is to be the best alloy wheel refurbishment company in the UK, we already provide the best alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham has to offer.

The UK’s Best Alloy Wheel Refurbishment & Customisations

Prismatic Powders Approved Applicator

Alloy wheels refurbished

Colour and Finish Options

For original wheel finishes, we buy our powder coat products from the same suppliers as the manufacturers to ensure total originality. We can achieve any original finish.

For custom colours and finishes. We use a combination of powder coat and wet paint, along with incredible powders available from Prismatic Powders in the USA where the best custom powder coating products can be found.

"I know someone who will do them for £60 a wheel"

Our service is a full, belts and braces, ultra high-end service that very few companies can offer.

With such low a price for painting alloy wheels, they’re targeting a different audience.

We don’t compete on price, only quality. Our prices are a result of the work and products required to be the best.

Since Nov. 2017, we have invested almost £300,000.00 in the best alloy wheel refurbishment, powder coating and painting equipment that money can buy at our Nottingham branch in Long Eaton.

We quite literally have the best kit in the world. Which, combined with awesome talent and a company-wide desire for achieving the best-looking alloy wheels in the UK, we aim to be known as the best wheel company in the UK by the end of 2019.

Paint used by Williams F1 and approved by Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini and more.

So, you get the gist, we want to to be the UK’s best alloy wheel refurbishment company. We’re not just relying on skill, while this is important for quality (and we have the skill bit truly nailed), a company and its staff have to have the desire and motivation to do so. We are very much on a mission to make a huge impact in 2019, so we really do have the desire bit nailed. As well  as this, we back up our staff with the best equipment and materials on the market.

The Paint Used By the Williams F1 Team is the best in the world. It also has full manufacture approvals from the best, biggest and most prestigious vehicle manufacturers in the world. BCS Automotive have invested in the paint used by Williams F1. It isn’t cheap, but it is a commitment to quality!  We don’t think this gives us a right to charge twice as much as for example The ‘Wheel Specialists’, you’ll find that we are priced a little lower than them in fact, but more than your local alloy wheel refurbishment company.

So if you are motivated by price and you’re going to make your decision based on price, then requesting a quote from us isn’t advised. We can’t compete with the ‘one-man-band’ back-street wheel refurbishers on price, but we compete with everyone on quality.

Super Insured

It’s not that we’re nervous, it’s because we care and our ‘belts and braces’ ideology is everywhere in the business.

As standard, all companies have to have Public Liability and Employers Liability Insurance. In addition to that, we also invest in Professional Services Indemnity, Product Indemnity, Goods In Transit Insurance, we’re insured against burglary too of course (if they get past our incredible security systems).

Alloy Wheel Straightening

As standard, all alloy wheels refurbished at our Nottingham branch (Long Eaton) go through a wheel roundness check process on our purpose made wheel straightener. Although technically, it should be called a ’roundener’ as straight wheels are both impossible and no use to anyone!

Alloy Wheel Straightening Nottingham

Lifetime Warranty

All of our wheel refurbishment finishes come with a lifetime warranty. We don’t do ‘part refurbishments’ or ‘blow-ins’, we just do proper ‘belts and braces’ top-shelf work. At very reasonable prices.


Full Manufacturer Approvals

The coatings used by BCS Automotive have full manufacturer approvals from Aston Martin, Ferrari, Porsche, BMW, Lamborghini, Jaguar, Honda, Land Rover, Maserati, Mitsubishi, Bentley and more. Ultimate in quality, colour matching ability and UV resistance.

All Processes Photographed

Peace of mind is worth much more than shiny paint. So we photograph and video (where necessary) every process for your records. So you know we have done everything we say we’ll do. It’s always nice to learn how the process works too.


24 Hour CCTV Monitoring

Some of the cars we have worked on have been worth up to £5M. So security is paramount. All staff have access to our CCTV app and receive notifications as soon as motion is detected outside of hours.

Diamond Cut Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Nottingham

We have purchased the most expensive and more importantly, the best CNC Lathe in the world for diamond cutting alloy wheels. We can produce a range of diamond cut finishes in a machine that takes the best care of your wheels. We have programs that can match the original finish on all wheels, a coarse cut to achieve a ‘rainbow effect’ or a very fine close cut that closer resembles a polished finish.

There are many diamond cutting machines from China that are dangerous for wheels (and their operators), we don’t believe in taking shortcuts just for margins. Our ethos is centred around quality and putting the customer first.

Haas ST30 CNC Machine

Diagnostic Wheel Balancing with Road Force Matching

We have the best and most expensive (can you see a theme developing) wheel balancer in the world, but this doesn’t affect the cost of your refurbishment, we’re still competitive. Our super-efficient processes mean we don’t waste the time you pay us for, so we can afford to find new ways to add value to our services.

As standard, you’ll get your alloy wheels balanced with the best machine in the world. If you’d like them road force matching too, this is an additional extra depending on your wheels & tyres. i.e. The tighter the tyres, the more difficult they are, which will increase the time required.

Benefits to Road Force Matching and Diagnostic Balancing

  • Reduced tyre wear
  • Reduced pull
  • Reduced vibrations
  • Increased grip
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Increased ride comfort
Alloy Wheel Refurbishment with Diagnostic Balancing

Split Rim Alloy Wheel Refurbishment


Split Rim Alloy Wheel Refurbishment Nottingham
Some of the best wheel refurbishments we have ever done have been on split rims, the ability to powder coat, paint or hydrographic dip the rim of the wheels, in a contrasting finish to the body is great. Giving you the freedom to mix things up as much as you wish.

But we can provide incredible OE finishes too. We have access to the original equipment manufacture paint formulations and our colour matching is second to none. It helps that our paint is approved by most of the big name luxury car manufacturers.

Seized Hex Bolts in Split Rim Alloy Wheels

There are often issues with removing bolts from split rims (usually hex bolts) and these will occur an almost all split rim alloy wheels that are at least a few years old. The only problem is that they seize as a result of aluminium oxide gripping the bolt.

Luckily, BCS have an extensive engineering department, including a CNC turning centre, manual milling machine and a manual lathe, along with various other machines. So we are the only alloy wheel refurbishment company in Nottingham (and maybe the whole of the UK) with a fully equipped engineering facility. So any issues can be dealt with as a part of the process, even if helicoils are required.

WARNING – We have refurbished split rim wheels and found bolt heads to be glued in to hide snapped bolts. We couldn’t honestly say if these have been done by past wheel refurbishment companies, or the end users, but this was quite a common finding.

Hydrographics On Alloy Wheels

Alloy wheel refurbishment Nottingham carbon customised
Hydrographic alloy wheels. One of the most exciting innovations is the ability to have almost anything you desire immersion printed onto an alloy wheel. Whether carbon fibre, £50 notes, flowers, union flags, camoflage, wood effect or whatever you can think of.

Whichever hydro printed graphics you choose, your alloy wheels will come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY. This additional customising feature has a seperate cost that is in addition to your alloy wheel refurbishment which will vary depending on your wheel type and the graphics you choose.

The graphics will be coated with a ‘hard-as-glass’ acrylic lacquer.