Alloy Wheel Rim Leak Repair Service

Permanent rim leak repair, what causes them and how we repair them, permanently.

Tyre Keeps Deflating But No Puncture – But what is the problem?

That’ll be a rim leak. This will generally only happen with alloy wheels that are more than a few years old. It is also more likely to happen if you have just had your wheels refurbished at a ‘cheap’ alloy wheel refurbishment company that’ll only paint the faces.
You are losing air pressure due to a poor seal between the tyre bead on the wheel and the actual tyre. When your tyres are fully inflated, they create their own seal, there is no witchcraft involved, it is just the air pressure pushing the movable tyre into the immovable alloy lip known as the tyre bead.

Brand new alloys always look pretty good, but if the manufacture can save a few £££’s on paint on each wheel, they’ll save hundreds of thousands of pounds if they are a big manufacturer. So having a decent amount of paint in areas you can’t see is not a priority to them.

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Rim Leak Symptoms

You have probably thought you had a slow puncture and kept re-inflating the tyre only for the tyre to keep deflating.
Then you take it to your local tyre bay to get a puncture repaired and find that there is no puncture. Eeek!

Your tyre bay type companies will do the best they can, but they can only use the tools they have within the business. The only thing that can help is to cram a black bitumen type substance called bead sealer between the alloy and the tyre.

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What Happens When BCS Automotive Paint Wheels?

BCS give a lifetime warranty on the paint finish, corrosion, defects and rim leaks. So we have to make sure we are delivering the best service possible.
You’ll get just as much paint and powder coating behind the spokes and inside the tyre area as you will on the faces of the wheel. This ensures a smooth, snug fit for the tyre and ensures that corrosion never comes through. Unless you own your car for 10+ years and are doing 30,000 miles a year, then to be honest, we’re not sure how much even our alloy wheel refurbs could take with this level of usage.

The Solution

There are two ways you could approach this. Firstly, if you’re looking for a complete refurbishment or wheel customisation anyway, then I wouldn’t worry, this should get solved by BCS and you’ll get a lifetime warranty on the rim leak too.
Secondly, we can repair the leaking alloy wheel as a standalone service. This will vary in price depending on the wheels you have and how many you’d like us to do, but should look something like below: