Audi 100 Brake Calipers

We can rebuild ALL Audi 100 Brake Calipers

Simply go to the booking page now OR find your caliper above. Booking your calipers into our workshop couldn’t be easier and only takes 2 minutes.  No need to pay on-line, that is done over the phone when your calipers enter our work flow.

Audi 100 Brake Calipers Repairs.

Whether your Audi 100 calipers just need a check over, a full refurbishment or you have seized pistons that you would like us to replace, we can help you out.  We give up to 4 year warranties on both the smooth operation of your calipers AND the cosmetic finish of the caliper.

Common Problems

These calipers can get quite corroded quite badly due to the original poor quality coatings, we can prevent this happenning again by using an improved coating in our standard re-manufacture and replacing components with new components made from high quality materials.

Thread Repairs

Due to the common corrosion, seized nipples can also be a problem with the Audi 100 brake calipers, but don’t worry..

Just don’t try to do this yourself as it may make the problem worse and increase the cost of repair if you snap the bleed screw.

Audi 100 brake calieper Audi 100 brake caliper2

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Rebuilding Audi Brake Calipers

We are the primary specialists in our field with years of experience behind us and much more caliper re-manufacturing ahead of us.  Send your brake calipers to us for a rebuild and we can have them back to you in next to no time at all. 2 Year caliper function warranty as standard or 3 year when combined with our high-end painting upgrade.