Brake Caliper Painting Derby

We're the guys that did the calipers on...

The McLeren P1 GTR LM and the P1 GT Longtail

Bring Your Vehicle or Ship Your Brake Calipers

Just on the border between Nottingham & Derby, 4 minutes from J25 of the M1, so getting here is nice and easy. Includes a 4 year warranty. Drop off and collect the following day. The BMW M4 shown here was with us in the Summer of 2016. There was very little wrong with the calipers beforehand, they just weren’t in the colour the customer desired. These had our High-End brake caliper painting service, plus the logos were stencilled onto the caliper beneath the lacquer – so no painting over decals, nor are there low quality vinyl decals on top of the lacquer, exposed to potential damage. The aim in all our high-end work, is that we produce an aesthetic product better than what Brembo or any other caliper manufacturers produce. We nail this intention every single time!
red McLaren brake calipers
BMW brake calipers painted in Derby

A description of our Drive in Brake Caliper Painting Service is below

We will break it up by reviews and examples of our painting service over the years
Fantastic communication and even better work. Highly recommend these guys! 
Andrew Gibson

I had a fantastic job done on my calipers by BCS. Acid Green for my KSports on my Subaru which look amazing and quality of the job flawless. I highly recommend BCS for both refurb and or painting.
Alex Simmons

Absolutely top class service, I’m an absolute perfectionist when it comes to my card, so always a little nervous using someone for the first time. Couldn’t have been happier with the quality of work(fully reconditioned 4pot Brembos with high-endpaint) I will definitely use them again with my other car
Chris Eaton

I just had my mitsubishi Evo calipers refurbished by BCS and I am absolutely delighted with the results. The paint is a much higher quality than I expected and the finish is close to flawless. They replaced all my bleed nipples and bleed nipple covers with Brembo items which is something I didn’t expect. I would highly recommend BCS and would happily use them again
Kevin Melville

Wheels & Calipers Off, Brake Caliper Painting Derby

What our customers usually want

The aim of our high-end brake caliper painting service, is to fully satisfy those who like to show off. When you leave our facility with your car, you’ll be overflowing with pride. Our customers are often full of surprise too, frequent comments include “I knew you were good, but I can’t believe what you have done” and there is often lots of “wow” too. If you wanted to blend in, you’d have bought a 1.6L silver Ford Focus. But you didn’t did you? Are you a “measure twice, cut once” person? If yes, then great! Stop searching, don’t consider the services where calipers are painted on the car, it is impossible to achieve the kind of quality we get multiple times every single day for the last ‘almost’ ten years. We’re insured to the hilt with £5M Public Liability and £2M Products and Professional Indemnity Insurance. We do occasionally work with cars worth up to £5M. Yikes!!!

Service Description

You arrive at BCS HQ in your pride and joy, we will confirm all the details of the service you are having once again and take charge of your car. If you have time, we’ll put the kettle on and show you around our workshop if you wish. If you don’t have any transport arranged, we can take you to either Long Eaton Train Station where you can make your way home for the night, or into Nottingham or Derby city centre. Or we can take you to one of the hotels at Junction 25 (M1). These include; Holiday Inn, Novotel and Ramada Jarvis. If you need to go anywhere else, we’ll call a taxi for you. We’ll get your car indoors sharpish in our specialist ‘remove and refit’ workshop, getting to work pretty quickly. Your car won’t be stored on a ramp, rather axle stands. The reason for this is that some of the cars we receive are far too low to fit on conventional ramps. If you have a Tesla or any other car where the floor is all battery, don’t worry, we know where all the jacking points are on pretty much everything. Our remove and refit technician is very experienced and get get any car on stands without risk to damage. Your wheels are taken care of and no harm will come to them and when we take the calipers off, we take note of where all the pads were, so it takes little or no time to bed in when they are re-fitted. We know how annoying squeaks are and a change in the way your brake pedal feels are too. Your calipers are then function checked. We have to do this to fully comply with our insurers cover, we agree with their views that if we re-fit brakes that are not working perfectly, we are responsible for the customers increased level of confidence that their brakes are in perfect working order. So while we have hands-on with your brake calipers, we might as well make sure they work properly. If we find any issues, we’ll let you know straight away, but this is rare so don’t worry. We’ll then degrease the calipers and inspect all the threads, possibly re-tapping them to remove any pre-existing corrosion. Now we’re ready to shot-blast any corrosion and/or paint, we’re looking for absolute bare metal at this stage. Our warranty is huge at 4 years, so we’re pretty fussy and we want this paint to last for much longer than the warranty.

Every part of our process is aimed at getting as much quality and value in our service as we can, while making the product last longer than brand new calipers. We want you to be able to show off about our work for as long as you own the car.
Richard Munt

2018, BCS Automotive

If you have steel or cast iron calipers, after shotblasting, they will be placed into a de-rusting solution which is heated to 70 Celcius, while an ultra-sonic vibration agitates the solution and shocks any remaining areas of corrosion into breaking apart. While this is happenning, the solution is dissolving any rust that might be caught in areas where, what we call “line of sight blasting” can’t reach so well, ensuring even more longevity for what always turns out to be an amazing paint job on your brake calipers.

Brake Caliper Painting – The Prep’

Now we’re ready to paint your calipers..

If you have gone ahead and had our cast resurfacing add-on, the calipers will go through quite a lot of hand prep. Not only to get out any chips or dents that might exist in the cast. But the cast itself as standard holds back the kind of finish we like to achieve. But to get around this, they can often require quite a lot of extra work to remove all the texture from the cast, but it is worth our time and your money, so long as it is a right fit for your needs.

When the paint is sprayed onto the caliper, it exaggerates the texture of the cast, showing up even minor imperfections. With the cast smoothing, we need the metal to be as flat and smooth as any area of your car bodywork. With this achieved, we can achieve even far better than what some customers call ‘the Brembo look’ for cast iron calipers on standard cars.

Brake Caliper Painting – The Application

Once the calipers are prepared and masked, they’ll be hung in the booth ready to paint.

INTERESTING FACT – Our paint is comprised of standard automotive tints and our own high-temperature binder. So you know, the binder is actually the paint and is around 80% of the product itself. The tinters are exactly that, tinters. We have managed to create a binder that is compatible with most automotive tinters, enabling BCS to mix any paint code in our high-temperature paints.

The primer we use isn’t any ordinary primer, it is also known as a ‘surfacer primer’, the way it flows ensures the best finish possible, even the primer dries glossy and doesn’t need keying. The surfacer/primer flows out nice and flat.

USEFUL FACT – Most primers are good for brake calipers or other high-temperature applications, due to the nature of the compounds they are made from. So if you are doing a DIY job and you want to prime them, now you know. Or you could purchase our ‘direct to metal’ brake caliper paint, then you won’t need to prime them at all.

Remember, the paint (after primer) exagerates the surface underneath, so it is important to get even the primer as flat as we can before applying the colour.

When we’re happy with the primer, we’ll add the colour followed by our very own high-temperature lacquer.

Painting Calipers Now Complete

Apart from baking and de-masking, that’s about it. We’ll have an incredibly glossy set of calipers ready to fit, unless of course you have decided on a satin or matt lacquer, then fingers crossed they won’t be glossy at all.

You may have had decals, these are fitted while the casts are still hot from the oven to help adhesion. Our decals will never peel or fall off, not even with a jet wash and are warranted with the paint, so at least 4 years. If they ever fall off, we’ll send you brand new ones, but this has never hapenned, or at least it has never been reported to us.

Fitting Your Brake Calipers

You’d think we’re home free at this stage, all the hard work is done? Correct. However, fitting freshly painted brake calipers can be as much of an art as painting them. One scratch or chip and we’re all hands to deck, so it is important we get this right first time around.

Damage happens at this stage, maybe 1 in 10 times, but it is usually very limited and easily touched up totally invisibly to the customer. We’re a pretty honest bunch and it would be a solid statement to say that most business would not add the previous sentence. But it is the truth and we’d be lying to say otherwise. But at least you know we have all the kit on hand to deal with such events. Not to mention the 4 year warranty we give on paint alone.