How To Paint Brake Calipers

With the BCS brake caliper painting kit
Spray on (at least 1.2mm fluid tip) or brush on (as per instructions)

Calipers Painted with the BCS Paint Kit

brake caliper paint kit results
porsche brake calipers painted with BCS paint kit
Michael TurnerMichael Turner
09:26 10 Nov 21
The company were very thorough with regard to the specification of the finish standard and its colour. The quality they supplied me was spectacular and I cannot wait to install them on the car. The fronts will be getting the same treatment in the future. The turnaround was very quick,
George IngramGeorge Ingram
14:25 01 Nov 21
This is the second set of calipers I've had painted by BCS and overall I'm happy. I'm probably more critical than most due to my line of work, but I'm also comparing my second set to the first I had Painted by BCS. The first set were pretty much perfect, Colour and Paint finish were spot on overall. There has been no deterioration of the finish at all to date. The second set Pictured are also well finished, The fronts are spot on but the rears are not finished to the same standard this time unfortunately. The plates have some marks where the protective packaging was stuck to them and the rear carriers look like there may have been some reaction, I did not use the BCS cast smoothing but did carry this out myself as I have previously. BCS have kindly offered to rectify the plates and rear carriers, and have offered an open timescale which I do appreciate, however I only have one car and unfortunately won't have the luxury of taking it off the road again for some time, not to mention the work and shipping costs involved. I would use BCS again as I've seen first hand the finish that can be achieved maybe just with a request for some extra quality control.
Gibbys Motor Weld-inGibbys Motor Weld-in
12:38 17 Sep 21
Carried out repairs to 1995 Civic calipers. Very quick service,kept me updated during the whole process and done at a reasonable price. I would certainly use them again
delboy bazzerdelboy bazzer
16:09 01 Sep 21
Took my calipers to them in the morning and they were ready by the later afternoon, very friendly also very helpful, great service , will go back again
Roland StokesRoland Stokes
10:15 13 Jun 21
Highly approachable, friendly staff. Highest attention to detail that I have experienced. No problem is too big or too small to provide assistance. Prices are also competitive. Would use again.


In the box you will find:

  • 200ml Pain
  • 100ml Hardene
  • 100ml Degreaser
  • Paint Brush
  • 1 x 600ml Mixing cup
  • 2 x Blue Nitrile (latex free) gloves
  • Blue roll
  • 1 x Sanding disc

(Parts in bracket are for 600ml paint kits)


The liquid products supplied to you should not be handled without gloves as they can cause irritation to the skin.
Eye protection is advised whilst mixing the paint.

If ingested seek medical attention immediately. Upon contact with eyes wash out with cold clean water immediately & seek medical attention.

  • When Spraying Brake Calipers: (professionals only), use air fed respirator.
  • When Hand Painting Brake Calipers: Use in a well ventilated area, for example, if using in your own garage, leave the door open or apply outside on your drive.
  • If Spraying Brake Calipers On The Car: Bag the entire vehicle and mask the whole wheel arch, disc and pads.


You should test the colour of your paint before applying to your whole calipers as the Brake Caliper Specialists will accept no responsibility for an incorrect colour once your calipers are painted.

  • Safely place your car on suitable axle stands on a flat, sturdy base and remove your wheels.
  • Clean your calipers as much as possible with the provided sanding disc. Then use the degreaser to remove any contaminants on the calipers and allow to dry fully.
  • Pour 100ml of the supplied paint into the mixing cup and add 50ml of the supplied hardener and place the caps back onto the bottles. Thoroughly mix the paint and hardener together using a clean mixing implement, leave to stand for two minutes and mix again.
  • Apply the first coat thinly to the calipers. This will give a good, flat base colour to apply your second coat to. It will also trap any remaining rust and dust so as not to degrade your paint finish.
  • Allow 45 minutes for the paint to dry before applying the second coat. If you do not do this, you may end up with brush marks on your calipers.

More than two coats is not recommended.
Leave to dry for at least 2 hours before fitting your wheels and at least 6 hours before driving your vehicle.
If you have removed the calipers to paint, leave for at least 8 hours before handling them. Curing can be sped up using heat lamps.

If you have any queries about this paint kit or our other services please contact us on 0115 9722668 or email us at