Professional Brake Caliper Painting Kits

For professional use by detailers or bodyshops  (can be used in a gravity paint gun) or brushed direct onto the caliper at home for the enthusiast.

Our Red Caliper Paint is available two shades available in kit form. Click through to the page below to buy and see examples of work.

Red Brake Caliper Paint Kits

red brake caliper painting kits

Our Yellow  Brake Caliper Paint is available two shades available in kit form.  Click through to the page below to buy and see examples of work.

yellow brake caliper painting kits

How One Of Our Paint Kit Customers Got Along

A customer was so pleased with his work, he sent us these pics.



Professional Brake Caliper Painting Kits

brake caliper paint yellowOur high temp brake caliper paint has been tested on track days on some very quick cars, with plenty of braking at speed. Used by Jaguar Land Rover, BMW, Porsche and others we can’t name, we are the first port of call for anything to do with brake paint in the UK.

brake caliper paint blueOrder a brake paint kit from us an you will get a level of gloss which out performs Foliatec brake paint, Hammerite and Halfords brake caliper paint just can not get close to the finish we can with our paint. It can cope with brake fluid, brake dust and you won’t get brush marks so long as you do not rush the work.

red brake caliper paint

Made in the UK, this is the same paint we use in our  work shop on our clients brakes, its great for brushing on and it can be sprayed out of a 1.2mm paint gun.  See some of the brake calipers we have used our paint on in our portfolio, then come back to this page and order your caliper paint today!


The paint in our brake caliper paint kits is the same paint used in our workshop. It can be sprayed or applied with a brush. The results can be seen on our Facebook page.

Professional Painting Kit Contents

  • Paint and Hardener to make 300ml of colour (enough to paint a set of 4 large calipers).
  • Mixing Cup and a paintbrush
  • Brake Cleaner
  • Blue Roll
  • Blue Nitrile Gloves
  • Instruction Kit
  • Sanding Pad

600ml & 1L Kit will contain the same as above apart from the additional paint of course.

Want someone else to paint your calipers?  We will give you a 2 year warranty on your paint finish or 4 years when combined with a refurbishment.

More caliper paint colours coming very soon!

We Now Sell Our New Extreme High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint

Colour-ChipsAs the only company in the world with caliper paint this good, we wanted to keep it protected and wouldn’t sell it without actually spraying it onto calipers ourselves.But with a patent now applied for, we’re not so scared now and our paint is now available to buy. Our paint is currently £29.97 for 300ml kit, enough paint a set of large brake calipers.  We will also provide some simple instructions on preparing and painting your calipers. It may appear expensive, but you’ll only have to do this once. “Measure Twice Cut Once”

Benefits of buying caliper paint from the Brake Caliper Specialists.

  • Custom Colours Available
  • Withstands Extreme Temperatures
  • Superior Protection against Corrosion
  • Ultra Deep Gloss which lasts under pressure
  • Chemical Resistant (within reason)

Brake Caliper Paint From Other Suppliers

Foliatec Brake Caliper Paint

Many customers have asked us if the paint we use is the Foliatec caliper paint, well we can tell you we have tried it and we didn’t like it, even compared to some of the lesser brake caliper paints we have experimented with in the past.

Halfords Brake Caliper Paint

Believe it or not, we have even been asked if we use Halfords caliper paint, perhaps people are just trying to find out our secret as to exactly what paint it is we use.  Either way we don’t use it although we have tried (we have tried most caliper paints). While it does have a nice enough finish, there is little durability as it doesn’t seem to go hard enough.  More to the point it is quite simply not made for brake calipers, it has a maximum working temperature of just 80°C, most calipers will generate around 200°C in light daily use and up to 400°C under heavy braking on most road cars. More than that sometimes on other performance cars.

Painting Brake Drums

We can paint your brake drums for you if you have an older classic car and you want to help protect them against corrosion, while also adding a cosmetic coating.   Gloss black tends to be the most popular colour for painting brake drums, we can even do them in satin or matt.

Painting Brake Discs

Are your brake discs suffering with corrosion or discolouring on the centre bells (where your wheels meet up to) but the friction part discs are in perfectly good condition (braking performance)?  Then send them into us alone or with your brake calipers and we can shot blast, etch prime and paint the centre bells.  This should last the life of the discs but we give a 1 year warranty for your peace of mind.  For this we charge £20 per disc as an upgrade to our high-end caliper painting service.

Can we match to your desired colour?

Yes we can, the caliper to the right was matched to the blue colour found on the ford RS badge which we have added to our popular stock colours.  We can do this with anything.

For solid colours we will promise an excellent accurate colour match. Red brake caliper paint is the most common colour we paint calipers in, our stock version of this has been matched to Brembo’s red caliper paint.

Our second most popular colour is Ferrari yellow brake caliper paint, aka Modern Yellow.