Brake Caliper Painting

We have 2 different coating options to suit our customers needs. Choose between Standard and High End Caliper Paint

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The McLeren P1 GTR LM and the P1 GT Longtail

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Standard Caliper Painting

Standard caliper coating, enhance your car’s looks at a great price. Comes with a 1 year warranty in a selection of colours.  

High End Caliper Painting

Highest quality coating, resistant to high temperatures comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY and infinite colour options!


Painting Brembo Calipers and other Performance Brakes

While standard brakes can of course be made to look superb, performance calipers like Brembo’s are the car part that can up stage any set of wheels.

Jaguar brake calipers before painting
candy red jaguar brembo brake calipers painted
Jaguar XKR red brake calipers red

These brakes are off a Jaguar XKR and look a lot like any other calipers we often get from this vehicle. This is of course not a standard colour by far, but it does show what can be done with our high temp brake caliper paint. We are the only people in the UK to be using this paint on brake calipers and it is a very closely guarded secret, it is created in house and we don’t sell it to anyone else.

Get a quote for your brake calipers to be painted with a Lifetime Warranty by clicking the pricing button below.

Brake Caliper Painting for Standard Brake Calipers

We don’t just do the fancy cars, but we can make even standard brake calipers look very fancy indeed.

VW Golf Calipers refurbished in white
blue Honda brake calipers
cadbury purple brake calipers
The brake calipers above are from a a a VW Golf, as you can see they started off as average rusty brakes, which would have been an eye sore right behind the clients wheels. Now the brakes have our custom made high temp paint on them, they are now superb sight to see for any car geek. Get a quote here.

We Paint Your Calipers

Pro’ brake caliper painting by BCS, we have painted thousands of brakes from maybe every car in the world, apart from obvious silly things like a Lada Riva, if anyone does send us brakes from such a car, we promise to call the nearest asylum for express transport to a vacant bed. We will paint any caliper of any car no matter where you are in the world.

Lifetime Warranty on paint finish and caliper function. Get Quote Here

You Paint Your Brake Calipers

VHT polymer brake paint kits in a huge range of colours for DIY use, at home or in the work shop. It is the same product we use in our work shops, packaged and ready to be shipped out to you with full instructions, mixing and application kit.

Purchase your Brake Caliper Paint Here

Mechanical Refurbs, Thread Repairs & Seized Pistons

Rule number one: Don’t Panic!  You can still get stunning looking calipers and deal with any issues relating to the above. i.e. If you do need a mechanical refurb and you also have us paint your brakes, you will get a Lifetime Warranty on the function of your brakes and the finish/quality of the paint.  So if your brakes suffer any faults to do with the function or finish in four or fourty years from now, we’ll re work the brake caliper(s) for no cost to you, we will even arrange the shipping both ways.

You can combine any repair with our brake caliper painting service.

Brake Caliper Painting Options Explained

brake caliper painting on BMW caliperbrake caliper painting alconBendix-painted-green

  1. Do it yourself at home or in the workshop with our brake caliper painting kitInstructions included.
  2. Ship your calipers to us or bring them in person for our high-end Brake Caliper Painting Service.  Recommended courier GO HERE Next day for around £11 inc. VAT.
  3. Combine this service with a Brake Caliper Refurbishment and have a complete mechanical overhaul, get a LIFETIME WARRANTY on function and finish.  Get Your Quote Here
  4. Drive your vehicle to us. We will do all the hard work for you and there is no need to involve a garage in taking them off and putting them back on. Any day of the week to drop off, vehicle needed from 8am till around 4pm the following day.

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Brake Caliper Painting for any calipers from Lada to Lamborghini… Get Prices Here

Caliper Painting Service: Customer drop-off or courier

remove_your_calipers Its as easy as 1-2-3

1. Get a Quote: Fill in the form or call us and know what the service is going to cost before you send them.




2. Package them up. Leave your bleed nipples in, but keep hold of your pads. You can call to let us know they are coming or book in via the form. This isn’t required, but please make sure your contact details and return address are enclosed.



3. RELAX and Wait. Your calipers will be back a few days later.  We’ll give you at least a Lifetime Warranty on the paint when you get them back too!

Brake Caliper Painting Derby & Nottingham


  • We offer a complete Drive In & Drive Out Service for brake caliper painting including carriers with a complete system bleed & fluid change. This is a complete, calipers off, old paint/corrosion removed, shotblasted & professional coating service. We are completely insured for any event and your vehicle is safe overnight with us.
  • High-end painting service in any colour.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on the paint finish.
  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on function when combined with functional refurb.

Call us on 01159 722 668 for more info. Drop off and collections are Monday to Saturday only.


We are more than happy to give you a lift to the local train station (Long Eaton) or to one of the following hotels, Novotel, Best Western or Holiday Inn. All located in Sandiacre/Long Eaton at Junction 25 of the M1 between Nottingham & Derby.

Jaguar Mk2 caliper, standard rebuild finish.

Ford Focus RS rear caliper in pearlescant blue.

Motorcycle Brake Caliper Painting

High-End Brake Caliper Painting Prices

  • Two calipers professionally painted £185 Inc. VAT
  • Four calipers professionally painted £315 inc. VAT

Standalone caliper painting prices above, please request quotes on rebuilds. Typical single piston brake calipers can be rebuilt with a Lifetime Warranty for an additional £42.50 each including VAT.

Packaging your brake calipers.

  1. Wrap each caliper individually in protective packaging, bubble wrap or plenty of newspaper will work fine. When we package them back to you we use a huge amount of bubble wrap, you won’t need to use quite so much protective packaging, any scratches or chips in the calipers will be dealt with at our end.
  2. Place everything apart from the brake pads in a box, ensuring you have filled any voids in the box with paper, bin liners or something else which will stop the calipers rattling around.
  3. Ensure you have filled in the booking in form and look out for additional advice or instructions there.
  4. Log onto Parcel2Go. to book a courier service to collect your package, you will be able to send a set of 4 calipers for around £11 on a next day service. Our address is at the bottom of every page on this site.
  5. You don’t need to contact us, if you have already got a quote make sure it is enclosed. If not, there is no problem, please just make sure we have your quote number and contact details as we will call you when your calipers arrive.
  6. If you do have any issues or require any advice, please call us on 01159 722 668.