Complete Brake Caliper Re-Manufacture / Refurb

With a measure twice, cut once approach to a caliper refurbishment, we ensure we cover ever aspect of the service. These days we do much more than we used to, we are forever learning and developing new ideas and improving the process of caliper refurbishment. Our current process as below.

  1. Total dis-assemble of your unit
  2. Total degrease on our pretty fancy degreasing machine
  3. Air dry parts for inspection
  4. Generate report for parts department so they can pick or source parts for rebuild
  5. Our parts department will call you to confirm service, add-ons, payment, shipping & any other issues
  6. Once approval is confirmed with you, your calipers will move around our workshop as follows
  7. Total shot-blast to bare metal. Unless original coating needs to be maintained, please make a note of this in your package with your calipers so we know early on.
  8. Ferrous materials are then soaked in a de-rusting solution until the painter is ready to add your free or upgrade coating. The de-rusting solution also means that it dissolves anything the shot-blaster may have missed.
  9. Our painter then applies your desired coating, standard re-man coating, Aviation Polymer or High-End Paint.
  10. By this time, the parts department have usually matched and picked your parts, any brake caliper parts not stocked are sourced from trusted suppliers. We are very fussy on materials used, so beware of cheaper alternatives (eBay etc.)
  11. The rebuild technician then re-assembles them with your new parts as necessary. As standard we replace all rubber components within the quoted price, if pistons required these are billed separately. Piston failure rate is 13% (based on last 12 months).
  12. We pressure test to 2,500 psi, we are the only company in the world to pressure test at more than 150psi. Bear in mind that in an emergency brake some vehicles are capable of generating over 2,000 psi.
  13. The are then cleaned up and placed on our QC area for inspection by management before a QC passed sticker is placed on your paperwork, they are then packaged up and ready for dispatch.
  14. Once dispatched, you will get an automatically generated email and SMS with your tracking number and delivery date.