Caliper Engineering

We have incredible engineering capabilities at BCS. Aside from our on-site engineer with almost 40 years experience in manual turning, milling, CNC turning centres and vertical machining centres. We also have over £100k worth of machinery, just for engineering related tasks for brake calipers.

Our centrepiece is the Haas ST30Y CNC Lathe/Turning Centre as seen in the following image. This is the centrepiece of our caliper engineering set-up.

CNC Turning Centre for Caliper Engineering

UK Manufacturers of Brake Caliper Parts

In addition to cosmetic painting of brake caliper and a total re-manufacturing service, BCS are manufacturers of brake caliper parts including bleed screws (or bleed nipples) and brake caliper pistons.

While the industry standard material for pistons and bleed screws is mild steel, or anodised or PTFE coated aluminium, we can’t help but do more. Our standard is stainless steel (although parts supplied as standard are mild steel, you need to request SS if you desire it). And our premium is Inconel, which is an exotic metal used in the toughest of engineering environments. Inconel brake caliper pistons and Inconel brake caliper bleed screws are a truly exotic item. But we guarantee our inconel parts for life with unlimited mileage. We still guarantee our Stainless Steel parts for life, but capped at 100,000 miles.

We also have manual Milling and Turning (lathe) for many ad-hoc tasks such as re-drilling and tapping of new threads for seized bleed screws or bolts.

Upgrade Your Brake Calipers

We may already be providing you with our Brake Caliper Refurbishment Service. As standard you’ll get pistons and bleed screws that are better than the original equipment manufacturers specifications (OEM).

While the OEM is pretty stringent, it is usually only because they have to be. In our vast experience of manufacturing hundreds of thousands of brake calipers, we find that they stop at around the minimum allowable standards that are allowed on a road-going vehicle. Do bear in mind that when a manufacture of brake calipers has to supply a minimum of say twenty million units to a vehicle manufacturer, cutting costs by even 50p on the cost of the whole caliper will add £10,000,000 in profit to their business.

We are different, because our premium materials are there if you are willing to pay for it. At least we give you the option. So as standard you’ll get the OEM specification plated mild steel bleed screws and mild steel or coated aluminium pistons. You can also choose to have them made in Stainless Steel and even Inconel. Manufactured in our workshop by BCS, ALL BCS parts come with a lifetime warranty. This is true brake caliper engineering at its best.

OEM specification parts (mild steel, plated mild steel & coated aluminium) are not warranted past the caliper warranty. Which is the best in the industry at 4 years, that is worldwide. And if you combine our Brake Caliper Refurbishment Service with our High-End Painting Service, you’ll get a Lifetime Warranty on both function and finish.

Better Fuel Economy, Longer Disc and Pad Life

So if you’re willing to spend the money, we are willing to put the extra time in for you and give you a brake caliper re-manufactured from the best materials in the world. We’ll also polish the pistons even more than OEM, so that they slide with greater ease, meaning that when you take your foot off the pedal, your piston(s) will slip back much easier into the resting position inside the caliper.

This will increase your fuel economy and reduce wear on your discs and pads. We have estimated that if you drive 12,000 miles per annum, you’ll get your investment into our high-quality parts, in less than 1 year (calculations based on a single piston set-up).

Negative ROI, But Increased Braking Performance

If you have a multi-piston set-up (i.e. Brembo, AP Racing etc.), you won’t get a return on investment at all, due to the increased material and labour cost in manufacturing multiple pistons. The benefit in this case in purely braking performance, so think carefully about what you are trying to achieve by using our premium materials.

British Bleed Screw Manufacturers

We make the best bleed screws money can buy from Stainless Steel and Inconel and even Brass. Which material you choose would depend on your use case.

We manufacture the following bleed nipples:

  • M6 x 0.8
  • M6 x 1
  • M7 x 1
  • M8 x 1
  • M8 x 1.25
  • M9 x 1
  • M10 x 1
  • M10 x 1.25
  • M10 x 1.5
  • M12 x 1
  • M12 x 1.25
  • M12 x 1.5