COVID-19 Update and Special Terms

  • Current Status: OPEN for Internet Orders Only
  • Phone Lines: Now 10am-2pm Mon to Fri
  • Emails and Quotes: Responded to from 9am till 5pm

Paint Kit and Decal Orders: Now shipping once per week on Thursdays

Why a change in our hours above?

We have decided to ask our admin staff to work from home for safety reasons. The owner is working ad-hoc as required (based on demand) at our workshop and are aiming to maintain the existing turnaround times.
Naturally, we are facing a much lower demand in our services compared to usual and we’re not asking our staff to sit in front of their computers all day, every day. Our admin staff are keeping their laptops open and will respond to emails as and when they find them throughout the day. Although, rather than the usual 30 minutes that we expect emails to be responded by, we have changed this to 1 hour response time. 

Visitors Not Allowed

Other than courier drivers, we are refusing visitors to our premises.
Aside from the obvious reasons in order to reduce unnecessary travel, interactions and contact. We are aware that for any customers sending packages to our workshop, that packages will have been packaged on the previous day. It is almost impossible for the COVID-19 virus to remain on any components packaged inside the box.
When couriers drop off, we have a bench for them to place the package onto, where we will disinfect the exterior of the package with a solution that kills Corona viruses (Clover Versan – see here for info). The package will be left to stand for 20 minutes before opening. The contents will also be sprayed when unpacked and left for 20 minutes.

If customers arrive and they have not read this notice, the door to our workshop is open to eliminate unnecessary contact and there is a barrier inside that customers will have to remain behind. For now, these will be treated in the same way as couriers, we will not be quoting or discussing options with customers in person until further notice, this will have to be done over the phone.
We aren’t telling you this as an invitation to come down, but to reassure you that if in the event that someone does visit without speaking with us or reading this notice, that we are taking precautions.

Caring for Our Staff

At present, we are not a business that is in forced shut-down. However, we have instructed our remaining staff that Wednesday 25th March will be their final day at work, at which point, the remaining staff that are not already furloughed, will be asked to starting Thursday.
From Thursday, the business will continue to run for WEB ORDERS ONLY. Paint Kit and Decal Sales will continue and refurbishment of brake calipers will also continue.

The company owner will remain on site to refurbish your brake calipers and will produce the great quality we are known for. Although, telephone contact will be limited to 10am till 2pm and will be answered by one member of staff (Tegan) that is to work from home and is not furloughed. Tegan will also be keeping on top of emails and quote requests from 8AM till 5PM.
Our Safety: We don’t expect looters to be taking advantage of open workshops with one member of staff. However, our CCTV is accessible by all staff on their phones. Also, Tegan will be able to view this almost constantly throughout the day and will raise any alarms if needed. Richard will also have the means to raise an alarm via PeopleSafe Micro Alarm in the event that anyone was to take advantage of the situation.

Why Remain Open?

This is a tough call indeed. But firstly to address any safety concerns:
Richard will be travelling from home to work directly and will have no contact with anything other than his vehicle, the shutter and door, which will be wedged open during the day.
Further to this, we have spent 10 years building the business to what it is today and it will be very difficult for our family and long-term staff if the business was not to survive. We have crunched the numbers and we don’t believe we would survive as a business if we had to shut for 3 months or more.
Key Workers: We have a great deal of customers that are now referred to as “key workers”, keeping them on the road and out of public transport is critical to the effort to stop COVID-19

80% OFF Functional Refurbishments for Key Workers

If any key workers have a vehicle off the road due to a seized or dysfunctional brake caliper, we will carry out the work with an 80% discount.
You will have to prove this with a copy of your latest payslip, photo ID with your current address and copy of the log book in your name for the vehicle having work done.

Further Updates

We will continue to keep this page updated as developments arise in the coming days, weeks and months.