COVID-19 Update and Special Terms

Current Status: OPEN for Internet Orders Only for sales of:

  • Brake Caliper Refurbishment*
  • Brake Caliper Painting Service*
  • Brake Caliper Paint Kits
  • Brake Caliper Decals

Services above marked with an asterisk: We have closed our workshop and have furloughed all but one member of staff.
Services are to resume on 03/06/2020. Please see update below for more information.

Phone Lines: Now 10am-2pm Mon to Fri
Emails and Quotes: Responded to from 10am till 4pm
Paint Kit and Decal Orders: Now shipping once per week on Thursdays

Our admin staff are keeping their laptops open and will respond to emails as and when they find them throughout the day. Although, rather than the usual 30 minutes that we expect emails to be responded by, we have changed this to 1 hour response time.

UPDATE 28/05/2020

We are re-opening our workshop on Wednesday 3rd June 2020 at 9am.

We are prioritising customers who have paid in advance for services during our closed period. However, we will be able to take on a small amount of work that has not yet already been paid for. But this must be controlled by BCS in the short term and we would encourage customers that have not yet already paid for work, you not to ship jobs to us without arranging this with us first.

Depending on demand, we may close again on Friday 12th June. But we will update this page accordingly.

Why the potential short term opening period?

Thankfully, we have government support via the Furlough Scheme. However, at present, it does not support part time working. In order to make a furlough claim, it must be for a minimum of 3 weeks.

Therefore, if we feel there is not enough trade (as many of our trade customers are closed) from our retail segment to pay our staff (as well as the rest of our bills), then we must close once again in order to make the furlough claim for our staff.

Lets Be Optimistic…

Well we are very optimistic and we have no doubt there is a lot of pent-up demand. Our staff have no doubt enjoyed time with families, but they are all incredibly excited about returning back to work. In fact, much of the desire to open next week comes from our staff.


This MUST be arranged by us! We have to be able to control the work that arrives at our workshop and while we obviously aren’t going to ignore work that arrives and shipped by yourselves. We really wish to encourage you to let us arrange shipping for you, it is also far cheaper than using the Post Office.

Further Updates

We will continue to keep this page updated as developments arise in the coming days, weeks and months.