Want to send your calipers into us? Below is a guide explaining the different services we offer, to help you decide what’s right for you.

Quick & easy solution for seized brake calipers

Process: Remove seized piston, replace fluid seal and rebuild the caliper. This includes un-seizing sliders.

Warranty: Covers against re-seizing for 3 months.

Coating: We don’t coat your calipers with this service, but you can have our high-end paint service as an upgrade.

Total Caliper Overhaul

Restore to ‘better than new’

Process: We strip the calipers, check the condition of all parts/threads, and let you know what needs to be replaced. We source and order these parts for you, then rebuild the calipers.

Warranty: Two year function warranty.

Coating: Standard Gunmetal Grey paint coating applied to bare metal cast, low end finish. For anti-corrosive needs only. Upgrade to high-end paint for upgraded warranty and discounts.

Custom Modification or OEM Restoration

Process: Using specialist equipment, we blast the calipers to bare metal and apply our world famous high-end paint finish. This is ideal for customising your calipers how you like, or restoring them to original spec.

Warranty: Two year paint coating warranty against paint defects. Four year paint and function warranty with a re-manufacture service.

Coating: Extreme high temperature paint with a 100% gloss finish.


Brembo Calipers Before and After