Ferrari Brake Calipers

  • The cost effective choice
  • Better than a brand new caliper.
  • Finished in matt silver or black
  • Up to 3 year warranty
  • Option of upgrading to our high end painting option. Book  Now
With or without a functional rebuild

Courier your brake calipers to us from anywhere in the world and we will give them a cosmetic makeover you never could have imagined! Standard colours or something loud?    Book  Now

Rebuilding Ferrari Brake Calipers

We are the primary specialists in our field with years of experience behind us and much more caliper remanufacturing ahead of us.  Send your brake calipers to us for a rebuild and we can have them back to you in next to no time at all. 2 Year caliper function warranty as standard or 3 year when combined with our high-end painting upgrade.

Ferrari Brake Calipers

1940 – 1959

166 Inter, 212 Inter, 342 America, 250 Europa, 375 America, 250 GT Coupe, 250 GT Berlinetta, 410 Superamerica, 250 California, 250 GT Cabriolet, 250 GT Berlinetta Passo

1960 – 1969

250 GT 2+2, 400 Superamerica, 250 GT Berlinetta Lusso, 250 GTO, 275 GTB, 275 GTS, 330 GT 2+2, 500 Superfast, 275 GTB4, 330 GTC, 330 GTS, 365 California, 365 GT 2+2, Dino 206 GT, 365 GTB4, 365 GTC, 365 GTS, 365 GTS4, Dino 246 GT

1970 – 1979

365 GT4 BB, 365 GTC4, 365 GT4 2+2, Dino 246 GTS, Dino 308 GT4, 308 GTB, Dino 208 GT4, 400 Automatic, , 308 GTS, 400 Automatic i, 400 GTi

1980 – 1989

208 GTB, 208 GTS, 308 GTBi, 308 GTSi, Mondial 8, 512 BBi, 208 GTB Turbo, 308 GTB Quattrovalvole, 308 GTS Quattrovalvole, Mondial Quattrovalvole, 208 GTS Turbo, Mondial Cabriolet, GTO, Testarossa, 3.2 Mondial, 3.2 Mondial Cabriolet, 328 GTB,328 GTS, 412, GTB Turbo, GTS Turbo, F40, 348 TB, 348 TS, Mondial T, Mondial T Cabriolet

1990 – 1999

512 TR, 456 GT, 348 GT Competizione, 348 GTB, 348 GTS, 348 Spider, F355 Berlinetta, F355 GTS, F512 M, F355 Spider, F50, 456 GTA, 550 Maranello, 355 F1 Berlinetta, 355 F1 GTS, 355 F1 Spider, 456M GT, 456M GTA, 360 Modena, 348 Challenge, F333 SP, F355 Challenge, F50 GT

2000 – 2009

360 Spider, 550 Barchetta, 575M Maranello, Enzo Ferrari, Challenge Stradale, 612 Scaglietti, F430, Superamerica, F430 Spider, 430 Scuderia, 612 Sessanta, 599 GTB Fiorano, Scuderia Spider 16M, 360 Challenge, 360 GT, 575 GTC, 360 GTC, FXX, F430 GTC, F430 Challenge

2010 – Present


Replacement Ferrari Brake Calipers

Ferrari brake calipers are an absolute nightmare to get hold of and the data we have on them is very limited indeed. The quickest way to deal with the problem you are having with your Ferrari brake calipers is simply to have them rebuilt from scratch with new rubber fitted, replacement pistons too if required.

Refurbishment of Ferrari Brake Calipers

We can repair all Ferrari brake calipers, with brand new components and new pistons where necessary or requested.

Prices vary depending on your model, year, whether it is the front or rear caliper, how many pistons per caliper, how many you require rebuilding and if there are any serious pre-existing faults.

Ferrari brake calipers can usually be rebuilt within 1 week, you can upgrade to our brake caliper painting service, this takes an additional 1 day and you will receive an additional 1 year on the warranty, as lack of paint is usually the cause of any faults in years to come due to corrosion spreading into the working parts.  With our high end paint, this will not happen.