Hunter Road Force Wheel Balancing

Solve vibration issues, reduce wheel pull, tyres last longer, reduce road noise.

BCS Automotive have the only Hunter wheel balancer in the East Midlands

Hunter Road Force Balancing Nottingham Derby

Got Buckled Wheels? Not Sure?

BCS Automotive is the only company in the UK that are actually equipped to straighten your wheels, should we find any buckles. The Hunter Road Force Elite can eliminate vibrations where the tyre is not properly matched to your alloy wheel. However, if your wheels have more than a slight buckle, it’s abilities end there as it can only compensate for buckles, not remove the buckles. BCS Automotive can improve your life and eliminate the need for you to find other professionals to straighten your wheels, we’ll get you out of a position where you feel you might need to replace your wheels. Our on-site wheel straightening machine can solve buckles pretty quickly.

Hunter Road Force Elite

More than just a wheel balancing machine.

buckled alloy wheel

Deal with buckles easily

Buckles dealt with on site. We can manipulate the alloy on our wheel straightening machine, to get back to as near to perfect round wheel once again. Once done, we’ll still go ahead and road force match your wheels and tyres once again.

Up and Down Motion Reduced

While lasers measure the profile of the alloy, the rolling road measures the force of the tyre. We can then adjust the tyre position so that the hardest part of the tyre is matched to the least round part of the wheel.

Care To Be Insured

  • £5,000,000 Public Liability Insurance
  • £5,000,000 Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • £400,000 cover for theft or accidental damage

Reduce Tyre Pull

The Hunter Road Force Elite can tell us to move tyres around to different wheels to reduce pull as well as vibration.


How Much Does Hunter Balancing Cost

Lifetime Warranty

If We Refurbish Your Alloy Wheels

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We use the latest high-end acrylic powder lacquer on the market. We do everything we can to ensure the best quality for you.

  • Excellent UV protection
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