Hydrographics Company Nottingham Based

But we trade internationally and have a great shipping/delivery infrastructure to support our hydrographics business in Nottingham.

  • LIFETIME WARRANTY on all dipped parts
  • Limited only by your imagination
  • Ultra gloss, satin or matt lacquer
  • Candy tinters
  • Carbon fibre, skulls, cartoons, flames just as a start
Alloy Wheels
The fastest growing need for hydrographic-capable companies is Alloy Wheel Hydro-Dipping. Customers need to find hydrographic specialists for their needs, but often find themselves in a position where they are dealing with people who have all the right gear for hydro-graphics, but know almost nothing about wheels. Don’t make this mistake, BCS are refurbishment specialists for both Alloy Wheels and Brake Calipers. It is literally all we do and we have been in business long before hydro graphics went mainstream.
Brake Calipers
If you didn’t know already, we used to be known as “Brake Caliper Specialists”, but since we expanded our offering into wheels and other vehicle customisation areas, this was no longer appropriate. But get this… We know brakes and have refurbished almost 100,000 brake calipers since 2010 (true at Feb 2018).Getting to the point, we’re brake caliper specialists and have seen all the possible problem that brake calipers can bring. Not to mention all of the little ‘isms’ that various calipers have.Unlike “hydrographics specialists” that know nothing about brake calipers, you can feel safe in the knowledge that we have the perfect end-to-end service and can even remove and refit the brakes for you (called our remove and refit service).

Mirrors, Spoilers, Splitters and Other Trim
‘Theme’ your vehicle with almost anything you can imagine. You could have carbon fibre wheels with diamond cut faces (we have the best alloy wheel diamond cutting CNC in the world @ £130k, it ought to be), red brake calipers, carbon fibre spoiler, splitter and mirrors.The choice is yours. Bring your vehicle to our hydrographics Nottingham specialists branch and we’ll have your heart skipping beats with desire in no time.Classy or Brash.. We’ll support you through the exciting, yet frustrating process of deciding how to proceed.

Toilet Seats

Yes… Frickin Toilet Seats Batman!

Just because we’re an Automotive Company, doesn’t mean we can’t hydro-dip your frikin toilet seat!

Honestly, we find hydrographics super-exciting and we’d walk around having coated ourselves carbon fibre if we could, but the last time one of us did that, they got shot. But then, it was tiger stripes and not carbon fibre.

Guitar bodies, bike frames, motorbike parts, home ornaments, cupboard doors, vases. If you can think of it, we’re willing to dip it.

Examples of hydrographics from a Nottingham company