Porsche Panamera Brake Calipers

 Porsche Panamera Brake Calipers

We can rebuild ALL Porsche Panamera Brake Calipers

Our re-manufacture service can resolve almost all brake caliper faults.

Simply go to the pricing page now to get an estimate on the cost of re-manufacturing your calipers OR find your calipers below. Booking your calipers into our workshop couldn’t be easier and only takes 2 minutes.  No need to pay on-line, this done over the phone when your calipers enter our work flow and we’ve taken a look at them*.

Whether your Porsche Panamera calipers just need a check over, a full refurbishment or you have seized pistons that you would like us to replace, we can help you out.  We give up to 4 year warranties on both the smooth operation of your calipers AND the cosmetic finish of the caliper.

*Priority Services require payment upfront before they are put into our work flow

Porsche Panamera Brake Calipers available for purchase

See below our available stock of Porsche Panamera brake calipers. If they aren’t listed, we’ll almost certainly be able to refurbish them – or source some replacements for you. If your calipers aren’t below, give us a call on 01159 722 668 or e-mail in to enquiries@brakecaliperspecialists.uk


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Porsche Panamera Brake Calipers

Refurbished to better than OEM standard with a 4 year warranty on the caliper function and 4 years on the finish of the caliper. The vehicle isn’t really old enough to have many common functional issues yet, but by painting these in our corrosion-inhibiting paint, we’ve prevent any further issues created by the aluminium surfaces corroding away. This can ultimately cause bleed nipples to seize in place calling for expensive repair bills, as well as leaving the pistons and other working parts totally exposed.

porsche 911 930 brake calipers before refurbishment
Porsche 930 brake calipers after refurb
Porsche 930 brake calipers after refurb 2

Porsche Brake Caliper Painting – Drive In & Drive Out Service

We offer a complete service for those who don’t want to either take their calipers off themselves or deal with a third party to have their calipers removed and car stored for a few days.

This tends to be used for our high-end caliper painting service. But it can be used also for re-manufacture/repair only services too.

Porsche 911 brake calipers before 1
Porsche 911 brake calipers before 2
Porsche 911 brake calipers after 1
Porsche 911 brake calipers after 2

We have done some work for an amazing charitable cause. Jamie McGreneghan who’s suffered the effects of a stroke for 11 years and finally passed away in May ’15,  was inspired to make as many people aware of the importance and urgency of realising that someone is having a stroke and what to do about it. He has restored a Kawasaki Ninja, VW Caddy and a Porsche 911 Turbo, we had the pleasure of refurbishing the brake calipers for the cause. You can find out more about the F.A.S.T. restoration project on his website (link in image left). Remember F.A.S.T.  Face, Arms, Speach and Time. Time to call 999

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