Professional Brake Caliper Painting Kits

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Extreme High Temperature Brake Caliper Paint

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Each kit includes BCS brake caliper basecoat, high temperature, brake fluid resistant* lacquer and hardner.

Each kit is mixed to order. Hardener for each kit has a 60 day shelf life in the bottles provided.

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Products of BCS Automotive Ltd. Professional brake caliper painting kits are for professional use, applied by a spray gun with at least a 1.0 fluid tip for brake caliper basecoat colours and at least a 1.2mm tip for the brake caliper lacquer. They are not for application by brush.

We also offer in-house professional brake caliper painting services, where you can send your calipers to us separately or bring the vehicle in and we take care of it all.

If you are painting your brakes yourself or looking for a pro service so you don’t have to, we aim to be the best we can be and deliver the best product and service in our trade.