BCS Sponsored Charity – Promise Dreams

The owner of BCS Automotive, Richard Munt, discovered promise dreams when in a moment of madness, decided to take part in a charity cage fight, which turned out to be a pretty brutal event. The idea of taking part was suggested by a friend who knows that Richard is a ‘try hard’ and loves a challenge, was also looking to improve on his fitness too. But when Richard realised what the charity was, he applied immediately. You can see the fight here if you wish, Richard is in red. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qqUwg2YhtOo

What Does Promise Dreams Do?

Promise Dreams grants final wishes for terminally ill children, similar to the Make A Wish Foundation in the USA, but UK based and they manage to achieve one of the highest % of money in the charity industry, that actually goes to the people the donors intend it for. Of course, they still have to pay for advertising, staff, website hosting, fuel, offices etc.

If you’d like to learn more about Promise Dreams, take a look at their website here: https://promisedreams.co.uk/brake-caliper-specialists/

How Do We Support Promise Dreams

For every customer BCS gets, we donate a fixed amount to  Promise Dreams and for every genuine 5* review we get from our customers, we donate £5 and we send the money to them every month. We were asked on one occasion if the donations for each review, encourages false reviews. The easy answer is no as we clearly ask that this is for genuine customers only. The aim of the concept is that our staff no longer go to work to make brake calipers and wheels look incredible. While that is enjoyable enough, and all of our staff will tell you that they love what we do, there is now something a lot more special that comes from pleasing our customers.

So the staff know that if we continue to break the boundaries of product quality and service, they’ll please our customers even more consistiently, resulting in more donations. It is also a really neat way of tapering the donations to the companies success. So we never donate more than we can afford and we always give as much money as the company can afford to miss.

The Dreams We Grant, Thanks To You

A dream can be as big as a holiday to Disney World or swimming with dolphins, or as little as a trip to the cinema. Unfortunately, one size doesn’t fit all and while all the stories are indeed, sad. Some are pretty terrible.

In some cases, the dreams granted might be more benefit to the families, than the child. We have been told about babies that are days and weeks old, who might have days or weeks left on the planet. In a case like this, a trip to Disney World will be rather pointless. But a family get together at a paid venue with food and drinks might be more appropriate for family members to come together and celebrate the life that was granted, even for a short while.

In other cases, there are teenage boys and girls with terminal diseases, some with days or weeks left, some with at least a year. In these cases, a final holiday could be a perfect fit for the family. To give the child one more experience like a big holiday, is worth far more than the money we donate.

Some children may also have the life-improving equipment or operations and even modifications to their homes.

We don’t do this to win more business, but we do fully recognise that this may be a side effect. But we are a growing company and as we get bigger, it is even more important to be responsible and to set the standards for the staff that are employed.

BCS is a team that help each other and do good things for our customers. The company does its best to take the attitude that the business exists, not so much for profit. But to create a culture where helping each other and working toward a common goal of excellence is the standard. So far this is working for us, we have an incredible team of 11 staff, who all put every effort into creating the best experience for our customers. Moreso now they realise that the result of a customer that is happy enough to leave us a 5 star review, is this amazing charity being given even more support.