Saab 9-5 Brake Calipers


We can rebuild ALL Saab 9-5 Brake Calipers

Simply go to the booking page now OR find your caliper above. Booking your calipers into our workshop couldn’t be easier and only takes 2 minutes.  No need to pay on-line, that is done over the phone when your calipers enter our work flow.

Saab 9-5 Brake Caliper Repairs.

Whether your Saab 9-5 calipers just need a check over, a full refurbishment or you have seized pistons that you would like us to replace, we can help you out.  We give up to 3 year warranties on both the smooth operation of your calipers AND the cosmetic finish of the caliper.


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Up to 3 Year Warranty

High-end Painting Upgrade Available

Fast Turnaround

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