Alfa Romeo Brembo Red Brake Caliper Painting Kit

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Sprayable (from 1.2mm nozzle) and Brushable Product (brush included)

Two part polyurethane Alfa Romeo Brembo Red Brake Caliper Paint. Everything you need to hand paint* your brake calipers. *Also Sprayable

  • Designed for brake calipers, can also be used in engine bays
  • Heat resistant up to 300C*
  • Resists brake fluid (within reason, ensure you wipe any spillages)
  • Long lasting high-gloss polyurethane paint. LIFETIME WARRANTY when applied by BCS
  • This product is very easy to keep clean and can be waxed or polished
  • 2 Year No Fade Warranty**
  • 2 Year Anti-Corrosion Warranty**
  • High opacity, amazing coverage. We recommend just two coats
  • Developed over 7 years of customer feedback and our brake caliper painting workshop
  • Primer not required***
  • 1x 300ml Alfa Romeo Brake Caliper paint kit is sufficient to paint 4x average brake calipers
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Alfa Romeo Brembo Red Brake Caliper Paint

This is a near perfect match to the red that Alfa Romeo use on their red brake calipers, presented in a professional two part polymer brake caliper paint. You will have enough to paint 4 large brakes. We paint brakes for tens of thousands of customers from around the world with this very paint. Instructions can be found in the box when you receive your paint kit.

Contents of Kit

  • Enough professional brake caliper paint for 4 large brake calipers. (300ml) With hardener.
  • Large mixing cup
  • Degreaser
  • Sanding pad
  • Blue nitrile gloves
  • Blue roll
  • Instructions

*Heat resistant Alfa Romeo Brembo Red brake caliper paint and our Statement of Quality Assurance. This brake caliper paint product has been tested by the Brake Caliper Specialists and a British Supercar manufacturer we can’t mention due to a non-disclosure agreement. We are also the number one choice for manufacturers requiring high-end painting on very high-end vehicles. Over the seven years we have been using this paint, we have done work for Jaguar Land Rover, most Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini etc. main dealers throughout the UK, many motorsport/race teams. This paint has also been applied to the calipers from all 5 of the £5M Lanzante (McLaren) P1 GTR hypercars. The point being here, that it is an incredible paint for brake calipers, it is the best on the market. ** ‘No Fade’ and ‘Anti Corrosion’ Warranty For you to take advantage of your 2 year no fade warranty, you will be required to take before, during and after photo’s of your calipers and email them to us. If we think you have done a good enough job, we will also give you a 2 year anti-corrosion warranty. The warranty is limited to only shipping another paint kit to your address, it does not cover us re-painting them for you. If you ever need to claim on your warranty, all we need is photographic evidence of fade or corrosion. You must keep your calipers away from alloy wheel acid.

How to paint brake calipers?

Don’t worry, the instructions included in your package will help you can get the best finish when painting your brakes. PPE is provided and we recommend that you jack your vehicle up on all four corners rather than removing one wheel at a time. *** While primer is not required, if you are a professinoal painter and are painting in a spray booth. A wet on wet primer-surfacer is suitable and usually increases the levelling off of the paint and gloss levels.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the results you got with your Alfa Romeo Brembo Red brake caliper paint kit, we will discount the entire value of the product plus the postage you paid from our High-End Brake Caliper Painting Service when you send your calipers to us. So if you are stuck between doing it yourself or having a professional paint your brakes, this is the perfect solution for you and a great deal for us and you.

About The Product

This brake caliper paint kit is made in the UK.

Additional information

Weight0.9 kg
Dimensions150 × 150 × 150 mm

300ml (4 calipers), 600ml (8 calipers), 1L (detailers)


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