Ferrari Yellow Brake Caliper Paint Kit

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Professional standard Ferrari yellow brake caliper paint in a handy kit put together by professionals who use this product every day.

Everything you need to paint your brake calipers DIY style at home or sprayed by professionals in the workshop.

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This is professional two part polymer brake caliper paint. You will have enough to paint 4 large brakes. We paint calipers for Ferrari main dealers including Gray Paul and it is the same product we use in our workshop for them. Instructions can be found in the box when you receive your paint kit.


  • Enough Ferrari yellow brake caliper paint for 4 large brake calipers. (300ml) With hardener.
  • Large mixing cup
  • Paint brush
  • Degreaser
  • Sanding pad
  • Blue nitrile gloves
  • Blue roll
  • Instructions



The same paint on these calipers is as supplied in the Ferrari yellow caliper paint kit, the same results can be achieved.

Ferrari Yellow Brake Caliper Paint

We have matched this colour from a brand new set of calipers from Gray Paul Ferrari a few years ago, the colour match is perfect. We have noticed that this shade of Ferrari yellow brake caliper paint used by Brembo, differs from set to set very slightly, even on new calipers.

When you apply this paint, you may find that the colour is ever so slightly different. It is likely that it is just the standard variations of colour tint in the coating, also the strength of the colour can also fade over a few years.

How to paint brake calipers?

Don’t worry, the instructions included in your package will help you can get the best finish when painting your brakes. PPE is provided and we recommend that you jack your vehicle up on all four corners rather than removing one wheel at a time.

Full Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy with the results you got with your Ferrari yellow brake caliper paint kit, we will discount the entire value of the product plus the postage you paid from our High-End Brake Caliper Painting Service when you send your calipers to us. So if you are stuck between doing it yourself or having a professional paint your brakes, this is the perfect solution for you and a great deal for us and you.

About The Product

This Ferrari yellow brake caliper paint kit is made in the UK, your product will be sent at the end of the working day which the order was placed.

About Us

BCS is a trading name of Not Just Wheels Ltd, we are a small brake caliper niche with 8 staff in Long Eaton. Call us on 01159 722 668 or send us an email via the Contact Us page. We just work on brakes for cars and trucks, we do not work on any other car parts. All of our effort and training go into making sure that we are the best at what we do. If you are painting your brakes yourself or looking for a pro service so you don’t have to, we aim to be the best we can be and deliver the best product and service in our trade.

You could buy new brakes if yours look tired, but we think this is a bad idea if they work fine, they can be made to look very nice without trying too hard. If you have Ferrari brake calipers, we suggest that you contact Gray Paul if you would prefer to buy new brakes instead of buying this Ferrari yellow brake caliper paint kit.

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300ml (4 calipers) £29.97 GBP, 600ml (8 calipers) £44.50 GBP, 1L (detailers) £69.00 GBP, 5L (detailers & bodyshops) £165.00 GBP


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