Tesla Brake Calipers

Tesla red brake calipers
If you own a Tesla, the 8 year infinite mile warranty covers the battery and drive unit, so it is unclear to see how long the function of the Tesla brake calipers (made by Brembo) are actually covered for, but we would assume it to be around 3 years.

Don’t be scared! If you do require a refurbishment on the Tesla brembo calipers, we can do it and it won’t cause any problems with the electronics on your vehicle. This includes the separate rear parking brake caliper also.

Cosmetic Tesla Caliper Refurbishment

Tesla red brake calipers set

You don’t need buy the red calipers upgrade, we can do it for you for less than half the cost AND, we will give you a lifetime warranty on the paint finish.

You can have the same red Tesla give the Bremo’s on the upgrade, or you can choose any colour imaginable.

brake caliper exploded example. This is not Tesla brake calipers

Tesla Brake Caliper Know It Alls

We are the primary specialists in our field with years of experience behind us and much more caliper remanufacturing ahead of us. Send your brake calipers to us for a rebuild and we can have them back to you in next to no time at all. 2 Year caliper function warranty as standard or 4 years when combined with our high-end painting upgrade.

Tesla Brake Calipers

Roadster, Model S, Model X, Model 3

Replacement Tesla Brake Caliper Parts

We stock all parts for the Tesla red calipers package and can rebuild them if required.