Toyota MR2 Brake Calipers

Toyota brake calipers in general are usually quite a lot of money to replace compared to other manufacturers such as Ford etc. But in a growing classic like the Toyota MR2, they are becoming more and more rare, cross compatibility in model/year variations can often be an issue too. So look after what you have, we can give you up to 2 years warranty on your MR2 calipers.

We can rebuild ALL Toyota MR2 Brake Calipers

Simply go to the booking page now OR find your caliper above. Booking your calipers into our workshop couldn’t be easier and only takes 2 minutes.  No need to pay on-line, that is done over the phone when your calipers enter our work flow.

A Great Toyota MR2 Forum

Get lots of support and feedback at TwoBrutal. The chap who runs the forum is a great guy and along with huge member base, is very supportive and informative. See the forum here:

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Toyota MR2 Brake Calipers (before)

Toyota MR2 brake calipers

Toyota MR2 Brake Calipers After Refurb and Painting

Green Toyota MR2 Brake Calipers

Toyota MR2 Brake Caliper On Arrival

Toyota MR2 Caliper Before Refurb 2

Toyota MR2 Caliper After Standard Refurbishment

Refurbished Toyota MR2 brake caliper