Yellow Brake Caliper Paint Kits

Our yellow brake caliper paint has been tested on track days on some very fast cars. Used by Jaguar Land Rover, Ferrari, Porsche and others we can not name. The BCS brake caliper paint is now the standard others strive to on their brakes whether manufacturers, main dealers or our clients who want to use our paint at home for DIY use.

Order a kit from us an you will get a level of gloss superior to the likes of Foliatec, certainly hammerite and Halfords caliper paint does not come close. It copes with brake fluid, brake dust and you won’t get brush marks.

If You Are Not Happy. You willl get a credit note for the entire amount against our High-End Brake Caliper Painting Service, whenever you are ready.

Made in the UK, this is the same paint we use in our workshop on customers calipers, its great for brushing on and it can be sprayed too.

Other Colours Available: See the full range of our Brake Caliper Paint Colours.

Yellow Brake Caliper Paint Kit Contents

Paint and Hardener to make 300ml of paint (enough to paint a set of 4 large brakes)

Mix Cup and a paint brush

Brake Cleaner

Blue Roll

Blue Nitrile Gloves

Instruction Kit

Sanding Pad

600ml & 1L Kits will contain the same as above, plus the additional paint
Want a professional company to paint your calipers?  Get a quote here.

yellow brake caliper paint on calipers

See Our Yellow Caliper Paint Examples

These are clients calipers which have our yellow brake caliper paint used on them.  Before and after pictures are taken for all jobs we work on.

Ferrari Enzo Brake Calipers Painted In Our Ferrari Yellow Brake Caliper Paint

If we paint your brakes, you will get up to a 4 year warranty on the paint finish

Ferrari Brembo Carbon Ceramic brakes painted from black to Ferrari yellow brake paint.

Ferrari calipers before being painted
Ferrari calipers after being painted with Ferrari yellow brake caliper paint

McLaren MP4 12C AP Racing Brakes Painted In Our Mountune Racing Yellow Brake Caliper Paint Kit

Subaru Impreza Brakes Painted In Porsche Yellow Brake Caliper Paint

These brakes have all been painted at our work shop by our trained staff.  You can get a close finish at home, but it takes care and at least some skill.

Should you want to choose a ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach, we can paint them for you.  We have refurbed and painted thousands of brakes, so it is of course no wonder that we do such a good job.

Alcon in our Mountune yellow brake caliper paint