Alfa Romeo 147 GTA Brembo Brake Calipers Refurbishment (2003-2005)

We are Brembo experts, while we refurbish (also known as overhaul) all brake calipers, 70% of our work is with Brembo calipers and we refurbish over 60 sets every week.  Whether with, or without our functional service (overhaul, re-manufacture), the results we deliver on with our high-end painting service is recognised throughout the UK, the USA, and much of Western Europe.  We occasionally have customers from UAE, Australia, Hong Kong, Italy and more too.  With a following of around 12,000 people on Facebook, we have become a global mini-brand in our trade.

Which Brembo calipers do you have on your Alfa 147 GTA?

Please note, while it makes no difference to us, or the cost of the service to you.  It is useful to know that there are two variations of Brembo for your application as shown below.

Brembo Caliper Type 1 – Used with 330mm x 32mm Brake Discs

Brembo Caliper Type 2 – Used with 305mm x 28mm Brake Discs

Your calipers will probably be red with the Alfa Romeo logo in white, but these are the only two possible calipers which will be on your GTA.  They both work as well as each other housing two 38mm and two 42mm pistons, but the one to the left use a larger disc.

Benefits of Our Service on Your Brake Calipers

  • 4 Year Finish and Function Warranty when combining a caliper re-manufacture with high-end paint
  • 2 Year function warranty on re-manufacture as a stand-alone service
  • 2 Year paint finish warranty on our high-end paint service as a stand-alone service
  • Optional stainless steel pistons
  • Alfa Romeo high-temperature decals
  • Alfa Romeo stenciling (under the lacquer) instead of decals

See other before and after photo’s below.  Get a quote on your calipers past our example work.

Brembo Caliper Type 1 – Used with 330mm x 32mm Brake Discs

Before and After Photo’s

Brembo Caliper Type 2 – Used with 305mm x 28mm Brake Discs

Before and After Photo’s

These photo’s were taken before we applied the Alfa Romeo decals

Brake Caliper Services Available For This Vehicle

  1. Express Un-Seize & Repair Service
  2. Complete Re-Manufacture of your brake calipers
  3. Aviation Polymer Coating Service (budget service)
  4. High-End Brake Caliper Painting Service

Common Problems

  • Seized brake pad plate bolts
  • Corrosion around bleed screw area
  • Sticking handbrake mechanisms on rear calipers
  • Corrosion around and underneath piston dust covers causing dustcovers to lift.  This allows moisture into the piston working surfaces, eventually causing them to seize.
  • Availability of replacement calipers. Get yours re-manufactured with us, fast turnaround.
  • We only use OEM quality rubber seals and dust covers.
  • Budweg are the market leaders in the aftermarket brake caliper re-manufacturing industry and we re-manufacture brake calipers to their standards as a minimum.  However, we go beyond due to our coatings, even our basic free paint far exceeds the quality of the aftermarket standard electroplate and other finishes
  • This is the highest grade of rubber available in the industry, it is compatible with DOT 4, DOT 5 and DOT 5.1 brake fluid
  • 2 Year warranty on function as standard
  • 4 Years when combined with high-end paint

See What People Say About Us

There are genuine posts from customers who have had work done with us recently

Love the job you guys have done to my Tarox brakes. They look amazing! First class service and great customer service! Can’t recommend enough. #LamboOrange!

Robert Molinari

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Hello Richard, got back from Devon this afternoon and just picked my calipers up and you guys have done a wicked job! Can’t wait to get em on my car! Cheers Rich

Rich Coxhill

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Thanks to Brake Caliper Specialists for the work done on our Sportline Transporter calipers in readiness for European road trip 2014  –  Great Job..

Dave Howson

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Hi Rich it’s matty’s sister Michelle. We would just like to say thank you very much for the absolute wonderful job you have done! It’s the bee’s knees! The professional work which you have carried out is outstanding and we would recommend your services to anyone. Top banana! Thanks

Michelle Cox

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Cheers guys and well done on the fantastic job you did on my 98 Honda Prelude! Excellent service and quality results!

Sam Poland

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Rich has done some work for me in the past, his professionalism and attention to detail is second to none, nothing is too much trouble.  I have never been disappointed by his workmanship.  He is talented for sure.  Highest recommendation from me.

Lloyd Comer

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