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Back in 2018, we had a thriving Facebook page with over 50,000 followers. Then one day we received a copyright notice from Facebook as they had received a complaint from Brembo, who don’t like the refurb business (not because they wan’t to sell more brakes of course).

Anyway, our page got deleted and we had to start again, so while we do have reviews, it’s no longer at over 1,000 that we used to have. It was around 4.8 back then.

The small number we have are of course still well worth a read when considering whether or not we’re the right company for your needs.

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brake caliper specialists review
brake caliper specialists review

Lanzante Automotive

For anyone who doesn’t know, these are the incredible people that build the road legal McLaren P1 GTRs at a cost of several million pounds. Lanzante have been a longterm customer of ours and we paint all the brakes on all their vehicles.