Jaguar F-Type

Brake caliper and alloy wheel refurbishment, painting and customisation

Jaguar F-Type Brake Calipers

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  • Refurbishment/Overhaul
  • All parts available
  • Painting only service available
  • Bring your car or ship your brakes next day for under £11
  • Any colour, hydrographics and silver plating

Jaguar F-Type Brake Caliper Colour Change

This is a very popular service for F-Type owners. It’s hardly a car that conforms to the ‘norm’ and the brakes are a great accent for customisation to your tastes. Imagine having red alloy wheels? It doesn’t really work, but your brakes can be any colour and this this brash (but classy) car will wear it.

Jaguar F-Type
  • Far cheaper than replacement brake calipers
  • Better than a brand new caliper
  • Upgrade the coating and choose original manufacturer colours or custom finishes
  • Option of upgrading to our high end painting option
  • Logos replaced/added where required/requested

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