Jaguar XK & XKR Brake Calipers

Common problems in the Alcon XKR brakes include seized pistons due to the plated material they are made from and the thin cast which holds the wiper seal in place cracking and sometimes breaking away completely. These calipers can suffer corrosion on the raised bare aluminium logo. The other two variants fitted to the XK & XKR are usually made by either Ate or Brembo, these don’t really have many common problems, other than nipples seizing on the Brembo calipers.

Look at the two XKR caliperswe have refurbished recently

The two Jaguar XKR brake calipers below have been refurbished by us to come with a 4 year warranty on the function of the caliper and a 4 year warranty on the paint finish.

Jaguar XKR Alcon 6 piston brake caliper
Jaguar XKR brembo calipers in red
Jaguar XKR

Alcon Part Numbers Front

  • Piston PSS3033X550
  • Piston PSS3533X550
  • Piston PSS3833X550
  • Seal kit – CSK303538EW900

Alcon Part Numbers Rear

  • Piston – PSS3230X550
  • Seal kit – CSK3232EW900

Calipers on all variants can be refurbished with little trouble:

  • 2006> Supercharged V8 (Alcon calipers)
  • 2002-05 4.2 V8 (Brembo or Ate single piston calipers)
  • 2002-05 Supercharged 4.2 V8 (Brembo)
  • 1998-02 4.0 V8 (usually single piston Ate)
  • 1998-02 Supercharged 4.0 V8 (Brembo or single piston Ate)
  • 1955-62 All Models (classic) with (Dunlop calipers)

Jaguar XKR Alcon Calipers

If you are looking for replacement Alcons for the Jaguar XKR, you are really going to struggle finding any as Alcon stopped making these a couple of years ago due to minor manufacturing defects and they cost around £800 each from Jaguar and stocks are diminishing. Jaguar XKR Brake Caliper Repairs. Whether your Jaguar XKR calipers just need a check over, a full refurbishment or you have seized pistons that you would like us to replace, we can help you out.  We give up to 4 year warranties on both the smooth operation of your calipers AND the cosmetic finish of the caliper.

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