Snapped or Seized Bleed Nipples

Do you have broken or sheered bleed nipples?  If so, don’t do anything!!! Just spray some WD40 on them and package them up for us to deal with.

We can repair your broken bleed nipples without damaging the castings, it is a relatively quick operation on most bleed screws.

On older corroded brake calipers and bleed screws, we may need to put a little more work into getting these ready for removal.

When you send in your calipers for bleed nipple removal, you they should be done “same day” and with the courier to go back to you on the following day at the latest.

We charge from £35 to remove each bleed nipple, each nipple removed pretty much writes of a single titanium tool to be able to remove the nipples.  We also Helicoil brake calipers which vary from £60 – £90 per caliper.

Call now to book your calipers in today!

*Disclaimer – Damage can sometimes happen when mounting brake calipers to the milling machine. But every effort is made to avoid this.
If damage is caused, we are able to rectify this.