Porsche Acid Green Brake Caliper paint kit

Acid green

Porsche Acid Green Brake Calipers

This is most common with hybrid Porsche’s and chosen by many others that want their calipers to be super loud behind your wheels. This is the one to go for! Porsche Acid Green works really well with either dark or silver wheels. Its bright almost neon like and is a real head turner.

Do You Want Acid Green Brakes?

Acid Green Brake Calipers on Porsche’s

If you’re lucky enough (or have worked hard enough) to own any Porsche in Acid green, you already love this colour. And why not? It’s loud, offensive and not good at hiding. Guess what, we love this colour too and have painted a huge amount of brake calipers in this colour, mostly from Porsch of course, but it is also popular on many other vehicles. Believe it or not, it is currently our third most popular colour after Brembo Red and Porsche Yellow.

PORSCHE Acid Green. Useful Colour Info

  • The best match hex code for this colour is #8ffe09
  • Rgb : rgb(143,254,9)
  • Hsl : 87° , 99% , 52%
  • RgbaColor : rgba(143,254,9,1.00)
  • lab XyzColor : 46.819, 76.743, 12.604
  • HsvaColor : hsva(87.18,96.46%,99.61%,1)
  • HsvColor : 87° , 96% , 100%
  • CIE L*a*b* : 90.2, -62.89, 85.64