BMW 3 Series Brake Calipers

BMW 3 Series Brake Calipers

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Brake Calipers

There are two types of brake caliper, it will either be fixed or a floating caliper, which also known as a sliding caliper.

Brake calipers will have at least one piston, sometimes referred to as ‘pots’ when they have multiple pistons, i.e. a four piston caliper will be referred to as a 4-pot brake caliper.

Almost all BMW calipers have single pistons, even M3’s, they will just have a larger piston diameter. The larger the combined surface area of the face of the piston(s), the more effective the braking power will be.

Larger caliper piston surface area = More fluid required to be pumped by the master cylinder in order to fully apply the pressure to the discs by the pistons in the calipers.If you intend to upgrade your brake calipers, you MUST upgrade your master cylinder.

Most brake calipers are a two part component, often claw like in shape, a cast object which houses your brake pads, when you press your brake pedal this forces brake fluid from the master cylinder into the pistons in your brake calipers.