Red Brake Caliper Paint Kits

Our red brake caliper paint has been tested on quite a few track days and on some very quick cars in 2010 and we have been using it since then. Used by Ferrari & Porsche plus others we can not name, this brake paint is fast becoming the standard which others high temp brake paint manufacturers are now trying to achieve. Companies like Foliatec, E-Tech or Halfords have so far not been able to get close to the quality of this brake paint.

Order a high temp red brake caliper paint kit from us an you will get a level of gloss well above anything you will have seen, your brakes can be the centre piece of your car.

It copes with brake fluid, brake dust, wheel acid and you won’t get brush marks.

If You Are Not Happy. You will get a refund for the entire amount against our High-End Brake Caliper Painting Service, whenever you are ready. This will be applied as a credit not on your account with us.

Made here in the UK, this is the same paint we use in our work shop on clients calipers, its great for use with a brush and it can be used from a paint gun too with at least a 1.2mm set up.

Other Colours Available: See the full range of our Brake Caliper Paint Colours.

Red Brake Caliper Paint Kit Contents

Paint and Hardener to make 300ml of colour (enough to paint a set of 4 large calipers).
Mixing Cup and a paintbrush
Brake Cleaner
Blue Roll
Blue Nitrile Gloves
Instruction Kit
Sanding Pad
600ml & 1L Kits will contain the same as above, plus the additional paint
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See Our Red Caliper Paint Examples

These are clients brakes which have our brake paint used on them.  With before and after pics.

Megane Brakes In Brembo Red Brake Caliper Paint

red renault megane calipers before paint

red brake calipers after paint for renault megane 225

Lotus Elise Brakes In Ferrari Rosso Red Brake Caliper Paint

With some extra bespoke work on the logo part of the cast being polished back before being lacquered

Please note, you do not need to lacquer over our paint, it is a direct to metal full 100% gloss product.

Lotus calipers before being painted red

Red brake calipers for lotus elise

Fiat Coupe Brakes In Post Box Red Brake Caliper Paint

red brembo calipers before paint

brembo calipers after red brake caliper paint applied

These brakes have all had the red brake caliper paint applied at our premises and by professionals.  You can get similar results at home, but it takes care and at least a little skill.

Should you want to take a ‘measure twice, cut once’ approach, we can do them for you.  We have refurb and painted thousands of brake calipers, so it is of course no wonder that we get such good results.

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BCS is a trading name of Not Just Wheels Ltd, we are a small brake caliper niche with 8 staff in Long Eaton. Call us on 01159 722 668 or send us an email via the Contact Us page. We just work on brakes for cars and trucks, we do not work on any other car parts. All of our effort and training go into making sure that we are the best at what we do. If you are painting your brakes yourself or looking for a pro service so you don’t have to, we aim to be the best we can be and deliver the best product and service in our trade.

We don’t mind if you want to compare our products to other companies, we promise our caliper paint is the best out there. Click the link here to a google search for red brake caliper paint.